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I have checked the mms settings on my phone (Samsung S4 mini), and it all appears to be set to receive MMS automatically. I've had a look at the add-ons section of my account, and the only option available seems to be to purchase 50/ picture messages for an additional cost per month - which I don't. Re: Can't download MMS message. Have both Wifi & network coverage. AM. Hi @Bluegiant30,. Thanks for taking the time to join the EE Community. You may just need to update your MMS settings. Click here to update your MMS settings. Please let me know if that does not fix the. Setup home > · Internet >. Photo Messaging >. email >. Photo Messaging setup. You can set up your Photo Messaging by confirming the details below. Ensure your account has been activated to use Photo Messaging. confirm mobile phone. please choose manufacturer . Acer · Alcatel · ASUS · BlackBerry · CAT · Doro · EE. Welcome to Setup. By using Setup, you can send service settings to your phone for Internet, Photo Messaging & Email. my phone. set up my phone to use. Internet > · Photo Messaging > · email >. Sometimes they are also referred to as EE MMS Settings or Mobile Internet Settings, they are just different terms used to refer to the same feature. They normally don't have to be changed, but in case you brought the phone from another carrier or from the overseas, you may need to update them. Don't worry, you'll be all set. EE. No Internet or cant send MMS messages. If your mobile device cant connect to the internet or you cant receive MMS messages from friends then you probably have an APN issue and you will need to enter correct APN settings. What are APN settings. APN or Access Point Name is a gateway between mobile networks. When you pop your SIM card in your phone, your data settings should automatically be updated. If not please follow the below steps. Replace above values in your Galaxy S6 with values in each setting below for EE alternative settings that could be compatible with your device. ☄ EE APN settings alternation 1 for Galaxy S6 - EE MMS. No changes from above setting necessary to use EE MMS with Galaxy S6. See also: EE Internet settings for Samsung. download mms settings ee